What are the required qualifications to rent?

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Our general guidelines to qualify are that you have a legal, verifiable income of at least three times the monthly rental rate (which is paid directly to the applicant or a representative of an applicant), minimum 620 FICO score, a payment history of not less than 2 years in a timely manner.  Applications which meet all other criteria but lack rental history will be conditionally approved with a co-signer or a security deposit of equal to the maximum allowable under California law. Income must be verifiable and legal to count for qualification. We will accept written proof of all such income including, but not limited to, current paystubs, bank statements (if self-employed), I20, tax returns, or W2’s, military benefit statements, proof of retirement or investment income, Social Security, welfare, disability or other government income, spousal support, child support, student loans, I-20 or other legal, verifiable income. If self-employed, we will require a copy of your two most recent tax returns and the last six to 12 months prior bank statements.